My name is Richard Slater, I married Catherine on 4th September 2004, we both now live in [[Wikipedia:Peacehaven]] about 9 miles east of [[Wikipedia:Brighton]] where we have a beautiful three bedroom house.

In the past I have been a contributor on Wikipedia under the unimaginative name [[Wikipedia:User:Richard Slater|Richard Slater]] where I predominantly contributed to the [[Wikipedia:EVE Online]] article, after several years I got annoyed with the Wiki politics and slowly got out of the habit of checking recent changes and re-writing parts or the article. I haven’t made any contributions since early 2009.

To pay the bills I work as a Systems Administrator with focus on Windows, Active Directory, Group Policy, ISA Server, Exchange and SharePoint. I also try and dedicate as much time as allows to automating tasks through PowerShell, and developing bespoke software solutions to support business process and practice.

Away from the computer my time is taken up in a large part by my faith, both Catherine and I attend an [[Wikipedia:Elim Pentecostal Church]] in central Brighton, where I try to serve in whatever capacity I am most useful. Fortunately for us, and by no complete accident, a sizeable number of our friends from the church live in Peacehaven and [[Wikipedia:Telscombe Cliffs]].

In the time that I still have spare at the end of the day I read several Programming, IT and Psychology blogs and play bass guitar to wind down.