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Encapsulating Alpha Fade in Unity3d

Friday, November 12th, 2010

Several days into my late Unity3d project I realised that the was a bulk of code designed solely to make an object invisible by fading it out of the scene. The code was not complex although because of the way it was all in one class it appeared complex.

After doing some research into the best way to go about making this change, realised it was both convenient and logical to extract the code into a separate script and attaching that to the object that I wished to apply the effect to.

This meant that instead of nested if-statements for state management in a script attached to the Main Camera I was able to make declarative statements:


I have named the script SmoothAlpha only by my convention no actual smoothing or damping of the alpha value, it is simply a linear reduction of the materials alpha value.

There are many improvements that could be made to the script, some of which I may well do over the coming weeks:

  • Should include a delegate call back to signal when the fade is complete.
  • Should include methods to instantly make an object (in)visible.
  • Should support changing the alpha of child GameObjects in unison with the parent.

In have included the full script below the cut.

Unity3d plus three weeks

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

It is about 3 weeks on since I started learning Unity3d, and today Makemedia delivered the product we were working on using it. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and the experience, there is still much to learn however I am much more confident experimenting with Unity3d to see what I can come up with.

As I am not going out to see the fireworks tonight, I put together a 3d scene to demonstrate some of Unity Basics particle effects in the form of a personal fireworks display.

Move around in the scene using W, A, S, D or the Arrow Keys you can move your head by moving the mouse.

Some of the rockets go a bit crazy some time and fire off into the distance at low speeds which is quite peculiar when it is towards the camera.

Source Code

Unity 3D

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

I am starting a project next week using Unity3D, I have known about this for a while and have poked around a bit to try and figure out how to do various things. I have been really impressed as to how fast you can get something done with what is basically a free product.

There are some superb videos on Unity3d Student which have been invaluable. I think I have got my head around the controls, UI, paradigms and scripting, although not all in one scene. As evidence of my work I have made three balls bounce around the screen, something akin to a carpenter making a door stop perhaps, but I am sure I will learn.