Google Chrome

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008

I am sure almost everyone in the whole world will have seen this as I got told by two friends, my RSS feeds and my wife almost simultaneously, which was a disturbing experience in itself. Google has released their own browser, Google made a rather amusing and informative cartoon too. There is pleanty of coverage from all of the usual suspects such as Lifehacker, Lifehacker (Again), Official Google Blog and The Register.

I am making the commitment to use Google Chrome for the Google Web Applications that I use, from what I have skim read about the product it is probably more suited than my add-on rich Firefox install (I do a fair amount of website coding, and even more debugging other peoples code – for which Firebug is a must).

I will try it for a week or two, see what it is like… it certainly seems faster than Firefox for browsing the web!

Google Search Results

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Inspired by other similar posts on many other blogs I decided provide some answers to questions that people come to this blog via search engines with. Sorted in descending order of the number of requests ever.

lakeland revival (with and without quotes and various prefixes and postfixes) – My Post,, matthewblogroll, Wikipedia’s [[Wikipedia:Florida Healing Outpouring]] page

richard slater – Yes that is me, there are more Richard Slaters though – you can find a list at!

richard slater artist – this isn’t me unfortunatly, you may be looking for this page.

lakeland revival online – you can find out more information about the lakeland revival online at or on the Fresh Fire Ministeries web page.

“http://localhost:port” “wikipedia” – I honestly haven’t got a clue what the searcher was hoping to happen here someone searching for a way to host wikipedia on a local machine, for that there is a Wikipedia CD available.

wedding aniversary – Me and my wife got married on September 4th, if you are reading this why not tell me when yours is.

catherine worship leader lakeland revival – I think you are probably looking for Catherine Mullins (who is a fantastic energetic worship leader at the revival, you can find more information on Radiant God, I Trust You and Coweta Community Church.

guitar lessons peacehaven – you may want to have a look for Keith Markwick, apparantly he does guitar lessons in Peacehaven!

homeplug latency – from experience it can be slow and laggy and is often considered unsuitable for gameing applications, however for e-mail and surfing it is fine.

inkscape – that would be here.

john piper lakeland – John Piper has a website at Desiring God however I don’t know if he has anything to say about Lakeland!

liz calmiano – her Myspace is a good place to start.

mapin borrow cable crimper – I don’t think Maplin loan out equipment, you would have to buy it, I bought this one.

Well I enjoyed that.

Microsoft attacks Google Apps

Saturday, September 15th, 2007

I was reading Pete’s Images of Broken Light, specifically the interesting post about Microsoft’s public attitude towards Google’s Apps, it seems fairly typical of modern corporate America to rubbish someone else technology, brushing over their own failings without a second thought.

I don’t quite understand companies that do this, who are they targeting these comments at? Perhaps home users? surely they would use the free Google Apps Standard Edition as opposed to Microsoft Office Standard at £200 – £300, anyone could use [[Wikipedia:Microsoft Office Live]] in the UK for free as well however it is still in “Beta” itself – how is that different from Google Apps “Beta”. What about Enterprise decision makers, clearly a press release is going to swing the opinions for a multi million pound roll out of a particular productivity suite – or not. Perhaps it is just sour grapes, after all Office Live hasn’t made nearly the impression I thought it was going to, certainly not in the UK.