Google Search Results

July 29, 2008 – 19:34

Inspired by other similar posts on many other blogs I decided provide some answers to questions that people come to this blog via search engines with. Sorted in descending order of the number of requests ever.

lakeland revival (with and without quotes and various prefixes and postfixes) – My Post,, matthewblogroll, Wikipedia’s [[Wikipedia:Florida Healing Outpouring]] page

richard slater – Yes that is me, there are more Richard Slaters though – you can find a list at!

richard slater artist – this isn’t me unfortunatly, you may be looking for this page.

lakeland revival online – you can find out more information about the lakeland revival online at or on the Fresh Fire Ministeries web page.

“http://localhost:port” “wikipedia” – I honestly haven’t got a clue what the searcher was hoping to happen here someone searching for a way to host wikipedia on a local machine, for that there is a Wikipedia CD available.

wedding aniversary – Me and my wife got married on September 4th, if you are reading this why not tell me when yours is.

catherine worship leader lakeland revival – I think you are probably looking for Catherine Mullins (who is a fantastic energetic worship leader at the revival, you can find more information on Radiant God, I Trust You and Coweta Community Church.

guitar lessons peacehaven – you may want to have a look for Keith Markwick, apparantly he does guitar lessons in Peacehaven!

homeplug latency – from experience it can be slow and laggy and is often considered unsuitable for gameing applications, however for e-mail and surfing it is fine.

inkscape – that would be here.

john piper lakeland – John Piper has a website at Desiring God however I don’t know if he has anything to say about Lakeland!

liz calmiano – her Myspace is a good place to start.

mapin borrow cable crimper – I don’t think Maplin loan out equipment, you would have to buy it, I bought this one.

Well I enjoyed that.

Links and Things

July 27, 2008 – 20:06

If you are so inclined I have created a page full of things that I find on the Internet, at the moment it isn’t very full as I am in the process of going through my bookmarks and deciding what I want and what I don’t want, things that I keep go on the list (if it is appropriate).

Anyway take a look and let me know what you think!

Blog Updates

July 26, 2008 – 22:55

I have spent most of the day messing arround with the blog, much of the work has gone on behind the scenes adding sitemaps to make spidering the site easier. Moving the links section to a menu so that it isn’t taking up valuable sidebar space and adding buttons to share posts on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Technorati.

Tweaked the templates a bit more so that it didn’t just give snippits of articles on categories, archives and tag pages. Made the pagination slightly more useful you can now jump to any page, the same way you would be able to for Google.

I think that is all I have done, as ever if anyone spots any problems with any of the changes do let me know.

Driving Theory Test

July 25, 2008 – 22:58

I passed. Had a good chat to the guy at the desk who did wonders to ease my nerves by being funny and blunt. I got 50 out of 50 for the multiple choice questions and 53 out of 75 for the hazard perception. Which according to Kev is good, the pass mark for the hazard perception was 44.  I scored 6 for the double hazard clip, 5 on 3 clips, 4 on 4 clips, 3 on 4 clips and 2 on 2 clips. Which means that I was only below the pass mark on 2 clips.

The most annoying thing is there was absoloutely nothing about stopping distances in there, so all of my crazy maths to try and remember the distances was to no avail, maybe they will help someone else who has a odd mind like my own.

Thinking and Breaking Distances

July 24, 2008 – 16:07

I have been trying to find a way of remembering my thinking and breaking distances for my theory test, part of my problem is I think in metric not imperial except for road speeds which are always in miles per hour.

According to the book…

@20mph thinking distance is 6m and breaking distance is 6m

@30mph thinking distance is 9m and breaking distance is 14m

@40mph thinking distance is 12m and breaking distance is 24m

@50mph thinking distance is 15m and breaking distance is 38m

@60mph thinking distance is 18m and breaking distance is 55m

@70mph thinking distance is 21m and breaking distance is 75m

So from that I can deduce that thinking distance in meters is equal to the road speed in miles per hour multiplied by 0.3 (or mph divided by 10 and multiplied by 3 if your brain works that way).

Breaking distance is a little harder as it is a curve however the simplest equation I can muster is road speed in miles per hour divided by ten, multiplied by itself (i.e. to the power of 2) all multiplied by 1.5 [i.e. 1.5((x/10)²)].

It isn’t perfect by any means, and if anyone has a good formula they use then I would be greatful if you share in the comments. My formula is spot on for 20 and 40 mph, however it is off by 1.5 @ 70mph it does however give you a good idea of the magnitude of your answer. The creation of a formula also gives me the opportunity to work out some silly things, for example if there was a straight road from Land’s End to John o’ Groats you would have to be traveling at [[Wikipedia:Mach]] 10.5 to require the entire lenght of the road to stop… of course I have yet to see anyone traveling at Mach 1 along the M4.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

July 22, 2008 – 22:07

I have been meaning to post about this since I first heard about it, and spectacuarly didn’t. As of Tuesday last week was host to the first of three episodes of [[Wikipedia:Dr. Horrible]]’s Sing Along Blog. The title is great in itself, however as it has been said seeing is believing and honestly if you have enjoyed any of [[Wikipedia:Joss Whedon]]’s work then you will really love this.

The mini-series covers a snapshot in the lives of Dr. Horrible ([[Wikipedia:Neil Patrick Harris]]) the protagonist and his arch-nemisis Captin Hammer ([[Wikipedia:Nathan Fillion]] of Firefly/Serenity fame). Unusally for Joss Whedon’s work it dosn’t have a strong feminist female character as such, however you will have to watch it to see why that may be!

It is no longer available for free on the web, although US and Canadian iTunes users can download it, international iTunes users have been promised it Soon™ and a DVD and Soundtrack look pomising.

Site Upgrade

July 22, 2008 – 21:53

Upgraded the site to WordPress 2.6, also switched the style to use widgets so everything down the left hand side is now a widget rather than some hand coded SQL stuff, that worked but could have been much better, now it is!

As you can probably see I am experementing with Twitter I don’t know if I am going to get along with it, but I do like the idea of blogging with less than 140 characters.

As always if anyone spots anything that is not as it should be do let me know and I will fix it, well try to, or perhaps phone a friend.

SMART Notebook File Format

July 22, 2008 – 13:48

The SMART .notebook format is simply a zipped set of [[Wikipedia:XML]] and [[Wikipedia:SVG]] files, This may be common knowledge but it is certainly the first time I have come across it.

To test it you can create a file in SMART Notebook rename the extension from .notebook to .zip, double click to open, you will be presented with several files named pagen.svg where n is a number, as well as a series of other files and folders including settings.xml, preview.png and metadata.xml.

The XML and SVG files can be edited in notepad, or perhaps more useful for the SVG files in a program such as Inkscape.

Visual Studio 2005 Web Development under Vista

July 21, 2008 – 14:27

I have had an issue today with Visual Studio 2005 and Vista today, specificly I have been unable to use the built in mini-web server that is used for debugging web projects. When you run a project from within the development environment it starts WebDev.WebServer.exe and then points an instance of Internet Explorer at http://localhost:port/path/to/default.aspx.

Now I remember this working well in the past, and indeed if I replace localhost with it worked fine, I didn’t fancy having to type this every time I went to build and run a program. I could not find any way of configuring Visual Studio to point to the IP address rather than the host name.

Upon trying to ping localhost (fairly futile I understand but I was getting desperate) I noticed that packets were being returned over IPv6 (::1:) rather than IPv4 (, my first port of call was to disable IPv6 on the NIC – which unsurprisingly didn’t work as anything to do with localhost shouldn’t use the NIC, and unlike Linux; Windows does not appear to expose the loopback adapter to the end user.

The soloution as it turns out was to remove the IPv6 record for localhost from %WINDIR%\etc\drivers\hosts. Editing this file requires an instance of notepad.exe to be running as a local administrator (i.e. press the windows key, type “cmd”, right click cmd.exe in the list and choose “Run as Administrator”. I realised had this before, in the time between then and now all trace of the problem occuring was wiped from my memory leaving only the soloution in my head. Never mind all working now!


June 17, 2008 – 20:28

I have had my Provisional driving licence for some time now, however I have done little or nothing about it since the idea of driving doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. I don’t know why that is but never the less I don’t particularly want to spend the time and money on learning to drive.

That said, it would make sense now Catherine and I are living in Peacehaven to be able to drive, it would also open up more job opportunities for me as I would be able to travel further than the bus can carry me, as well as being able to drive company cars and the such.

Well as it turns out I booked my theory test, so I have a little over a month to learn everything I can about the theory test and driving in general, then after Catherine and I get back from holiday I can start on lessons with my good friend Kev!

Fun Stuff!