Artists Open Houses

May 9, 2008 – 21:00

Several of my friends and one of my colleagues are presenting their work at the artists open houses as part of the 2008 Brighton Festival. In no particular order other than that of the Fiveways Artists Group trail listing:

Rex Matthews – A colleague of mine.

Deborah Fleming – A friend from church, who is also displaying work with Liz Calmiano and Maureen Hawthorne.

Impressed with how creative everyone is!

Lakeland Revival

May 8, 2008 – 20:00

Catherine and I have been watching the GOD channel over the past three days, there has been and still is a great outpouring of the holy spirit in Lakeland, Florida, and the GOD channel have been broadcasting it to the world (well most of it).

I don’t know what God is going to do, but I am sure that he is changing lives there in Florida and all over the world through the ministries of the leaders there. It is not without criticism, I don’t know enough about everyone involved to make up my mind, chances are I will never know till I get to meet my Lord face to face.

Bartle claims victory in battle

April 28, 2008 – 19:36

I am sure that title is going to annoy someone an awful lot, but never mind. [[Wikipedia:Richard Bartle]] submitted an opinion piece to [[Wikipedia:The Guardian]] today, and as he puts it in his blog it is “Opinionated”.

I like it! I think it is something I had realised and accepted a long time ago (I was born in 1981) games are part of the norm for me. I learnt to program on a [[Wikipedia:ZX Spectrum]] when I was 8, what did I write – computer games of course – pong, breakout, [[Wikipedia:Thunderbirds (TV Series)]], rolling shooters. I even tried to write a Windows like [[Wikipedia:GUI]] in [[Wikipedia:BASIC]] (yes it had some serious design flaws). All of that was normal to me.

In case you missed the link above, here is opinion piece:

Rescueing Kittens

April 26, 2008 – 20:27

I did something today that I have never done, that is rescue a kitten (maybe it was a young cat) from a tree.  Initially I was going to leave it, as it is going to have to learn how to get down somehow, then it tried to get down forward and ended up clinging on to the tree. It was quite happy for me to coax it down as I stood below till I could reach down and lift it from the trunk.

Chances are the same kitten will be up another tree in the next few days, maybe its experience today will have taught it a better way to get down in the future, or perhaps just to meow until a kindly stranger comes to the rescue.

Did make me think about how we learn by trying things and making mistakes, I know it has been said over and over again about children being wrapped up in bubble wrap dosn’t help them develop good judgement. I do wonder if we protect our children and indeed ourselves too much by not taking risks when perhaps the reward is only to learn not to take the same risk again.

I am not advocating being reckless or careless in our decisions, just perhaps taking a risk once in a while when we don’t know for sure and, perhaps more importantly, we can’t practicably find out by other means.

Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare

January 3, 2008 – 12:09

Bought the game last week, finished the single player campaign a couple of days ago. It plays more like being in a film than a game, which for me is great, as a cinematic experience it is superb, the game play is better than any other game I have played before (which doesn’t say much really – have been out of touch of the FPS market over the past few years).

The multiplayer is great fun too. I had some initial issues connecting in the first place due to PunkBuster connect issues, resolved them by updating PunkBuster manualy with PBSetup.exe then running the game as Administrator under Vista 64.

All in all, great game – well worth the spend, and brought a lot of enjoyment to my Christmas.

Happy New Year

January 1, 2008 – 0:00

Hope everyone enjoys the following year as much I have enjoyed the past. Have fun.

HP 22″ Widescreen Monitors

October 26, 2007 – 9:39

Now, I know that the larger monitors of this world have some interesting technological issues to overcome, however I think HP has made one too many sacrifices with this monitor:

w2207h 22 inch WIDESCREEN TFT

For those of you that didn’t spot it:

HP w2207h 22 inch WIDESCREEN TFT

As pointed out on the E-O forums, the perfect monitor for fleet battles.


September 29, 2007 – 18:51

Bass, Bass Amp and FX Pedal

So after begging and borrowing the various parts I needed I finally have everything that would technically allow me to play a [[Wikipedia:bass guitar]], hopefully over the next few months I will have the time to dedicate to learning to play it properly. Had a bit of a play over the last day and it is great fun!

Quantifying Ourselves

September 23, 2007 – 21:21

Some friends on a forum I frequent have spotted a web application called The Political Compass the premise is you answer 6 pages of questions that gauge your political views. The result is two numbers which can be plotted as X and Y axis onto a graph that represent your political views.

My result was Economic Left/Right: -3.25 and Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.15.

Political Compass for Richard Slater

This is a result I don’t disagree with, however I don’t think it is as clean cut as this. Peoples views change over time, moral choices are affected by different influences to economic or financial issues, those influences can change regularly. When it comes down to it a decision needs to be made at the moment it is required to make, if I am presented with an problem be it moral, social, financial, technical, etc. I make a decision based upon experiences, morality, knowledge and in my case and more importantly for me prayer.

Academics and interested parties come up with these scales and measures to enable them to categorize people, this has been seen everywhere from Business ([[Wikipedia:Myers-Briggs Type Indicator]]) to online gaming ([[Wikipedia:Bartle Test]]). For their purpose they serve their purpose and serve it very well.

They are however a [[Wikipedia:hash function]] of an aspect of our personality at a specific point in time. I may be a INTJ in Myers-Briggs parlance or ESAK in Bartle Test parlance but that does not mean that all people who get INTJ in Myers-Briggs and ESAK in the Bartle Test are the same as me.

Nate Combs on “Security” as an resource

September 17, 2007 – 20:21

Nate Combs has again posted on [[Wikipedia:Terra Nova (blog)|Terra Nova]] about what makes rare minerals rare. Nate makes the very good point; that rare minerals are not as scarce as the name might suggest. It is well worth a read as his his personal “scratchpad”.