Microsoft Word Viewer

March 4, 2004 – 15:21

Because of the way that the Microsoft website is arranged it is near on impossable to find the download for the Word Viewer for Windows XP, so here it is for anyone who googles for it…

Word 97 / 2000 Viewer (Windows XP / 2000 / NT / 98 / 98SE / 95)

Finished Dissertation / EVE

March 2, 2004 – 0:02

I have totaly neglected this blog over the weekend, Catherine came to stay with me for the weekend which was great we had a really great time at both of the wedding shows we went to, we also spent quite a lot of time talking about stuff. I have been feeling quite ill, I have been having all sorts of problems with acid reflux over the last week, the doctor has put me on various things to help calm it down, but we will see.

I finaly got round to finishing my dissertation, it went quite well in the end got a good 300 words over the minimum, any more than that and I would be waffeling about stuff, which dosn’t really make for a good dissertation. In hind-sight I would do much more research and probably work a fair bit harder at it earlier on… the rush to the deadline was far too much strain for me, I only got 12 hours sleep in 5 days which dosnt make for a happy Richard. If you are interested in “The Future of Massivly Multiplayer Online Games” then take a look at my dissertation

… finaly now I have been playing EVE:Online for over a week (I have reviewed it at I have decided to reset my character to start from scratch and build it up as a miner/refiner.

Integers, EVE and Medical Issues

February 25, 2004 – 1:12

PHP Integers are really getting on my nerves at the moment, it seems that anything more than 32-bits is just plain not supported in PHP… to be honest that is awful… that is the most apauling degree of accuracy I have come across since BASIC. Oh well never mind rant over.

I am having lots of fun playing EVE and writing my dissertation, it is quite interesting researching the history of MMOGs, something that facinates me while being technical and worthy of a dissertation. Need to crack on with the dissertation bit though 5 days to go… should be fine, pleanty of time.

My stomach seems to be a lot better recently, I havnt had the same acid indegestion problems that I have been having the last week or so, I am still going to talk to the doctor see if there is anything that they can do by way of investigating what the problem might be. I am petrified it might be something serious or not even something serous… just something that would cause me to have to go onto a special diet… its hard enough work not eating meat products and still making interesting food without having to avoid other ingredients too… we will see.

EVE:The Second Genesis

February 18, 2004 – 22:11

OK… so all of my old planetside chums have defected to this new MMORPG called EVE Online: The Second Genesis… so here I am writeing a dissertation about the future of MMOGs, thinking I wander what this game is all about… and I wish I could have a go just to see what it is like… so I did, got a 3 day trial of Dreeder (cheers matey) and started playing today… the tutorial was less than clear and I gave up after fiddeling trying to get it to work for a couple of hours, then I just spent some time mining stuff for seemingly no point oh well never mind… from what I see of the game so far it looks vast… there are a huge number of systems in the EVE universe and they all seem quite big in themselves. From a design perspective I imagine it is largely an illusion as there is little between each asteroid/station/planet and so on… the theory behind the game is very simple. However a huge amount of work has gone into the economy, which is a really good thing as it ads layers and layers of complexity to the game, anyway if you are interested in EVE take a look at this affilliate link you can then look round the website and if you sign up CCP (the makers of EVE) will give $7, which isnt bad at all.

On the Dissertation front

February 18, 2004 – 10:13

On the Dissertation front I have got some work done today, I am fairly pleased with myself… could of done more though, you can see the fruits of my labor in the university section.

AAAGHHHH! Charlotte

February 17, 2004 – 20:33

I am feeling especialy poor at the moment, Charlotte owes me money from before Christmas, the person that owed me money for furnature for my old house has dissapeared off the face of the earth and I owe other people money… I have the application forms for the Hardship Loan which hopefuly will be enough to pay for my rent for a couple more months till my next loan payment comes in… I can’t belive how expensive this year is turning out!

On a happier note, I had a great weekend in London with Catherine… read all about it over at

I’m off for the weekend

February 13, 2004 – 13:08

I am heading up to London to visit Catherine for the weekend, I do have net access but I doub’t I will spend any time on it. I want to spend some quality time with Catherine as I am not getting to see her as much any more. I will be back monday to work on my disseratation.

Auraxis is Looking Pretty Dead

February 12, 2004 – 22:00

Finished my last exam of semester one today, yippie… got to start working on my Project and Dissertation pretty soon… decided to have an evening of fun thoug so I thought I would fire up Planetside for some fun with the gang only to find that there really was no one from OcUK playing the game any more, and to top that it seems most of the players that I respected have also left the game (BigAlBNC, ArchAngel).

The whole of Auraxis seems to be dead now… there was still fighting going on, but no one was there to command… I really miss the good old days when there were only a hand full of Terran CR5s and they expected to get moaned at now it seems that no one want s to take charge for fear of getting their head bitten off.

I suppose I still have to do my project on planetside unless i can find some other online database that I could use rather than planetside then just code it for both of them and call it an example of the flexability of the software… but I’m not holding my hopes up.

Most of the OcUK gang have moved over to EVE Online which looks like an absoloutly excelent game… just wish I had the time to get into it, maybe once my degree is finished and I have found a job Catherine will let me play the game, she might even like this game, at least she might like it more than Planetside.

I also have an itchy finger, not to pull any trigers or anything, its just really really itchy.

I had this mad idea of a Web-Based MMORPG in my exam today, where yo u could start of Age of Empires stile with virtualy nothing then research you way into other ages… it would probably require a huge invention tree but it could be really quite cool to put together and implement in PHP… you could then move through the inventions researching things selling them on and selling the products you make with these inventions to earn cash. No fighting involved… if people really wanted combat then some form of espionarge or robery could be included where you could steal plans or something… not quite sure yet, I might put a couple of my ideas up on the forum if I get a chance.

I am downloading a free MMORPG called Planeshift looks pretty good for no money at all. I am looking forward to giving it a try… I miss playing MMO games.

Insanely Hard Game

February 11, 2004 – 22:11

I found this game called Balm, the plot is you have to rid a computer core of a virus, essentialy what you have are green discs (you) and red discs (computer). Each disc has a single tab on it which connects it to any other discs if that tab comes into contact with any other disc that is not of its colour the disc changes color to your colour, and follows any path from there. You can rotate any disc that is your own colour but only clockwise.

It is a very very simple concept, but very very hard to beat the AI.

Kings of Chaos – Age 3 Beta

February 8, 2004 – 14:24

Kings of Chaos is a web based Masivly Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), create your army of Elves, Dwarfs, Humans or Orcs, build up your army to someday rule over all Chaos.

I ended Age 2 at a rank of 28,490 before I sold all of my weapons to upgrade to Level 10 spies and retrain all of my Soldiers to Spies… not a fantastic rank, but I had only been playing half way through the age.

Age 3 Beta has started, I have switched from Dwarves to Elves… my goal for the Beta is to figure out how this new age works, and perhaps build up a small army of defense soldiers, I might give spies a try if I get a chance… once Age 3 starts I plan to focus heavily on spies and my spy level.