Card Reader on Acer Aspire 5100 Series Under Windows 7

October 26, 2009 – 21:24

Update (15/11/2010): the drivers listed in this post are out of date and may cause a BSOD, several alternatives are listed in the comments; however Microsoft appear to have approved 64-bit drivers on Windows Update.

I am typing this on my Acer Aspire 5102WLMi which is one of the popular (if flawed) Acer Aspire 5100 series; I rescued this one from the Balconi Test by putting a bit of rubber (it was a cut down rubber foot) on top of the [[Wikipedia:Southbridge_(computing)|South Bridge]] chip set, that however is not the story I am telling today.

I never bothered to install the Card Reader driver on this laptop while I was running the Windows 7 Beta, mainly because I am lazy, but also I didn’t have a need for it so it never came up. With the release of Windows 7 I wanted to get the system perfect, seeing as hopefully it will last a good year in it’s present state, and I wanted to be able to re-arrange the SD card from my Acer PDA.

Windows 7 x64 was unable to identify a driver for this particular card reader, this left me with three unknown devices in Device Manager:

Missing Drivers Acer 5100

The Acer website was a bust, as far as Acer are concerned this laptop won’t even run Vista x64, so I had to dig deeper. From past experience of looking for drivers without using Windows Update I knew that I could probably identify the manufacturer from the Hardware and Device ID’s available through Device Manager. If you want to follow along here are the steps:

  1. Open up Device Manager (Right Click “Computer”, Choose “Manage”, Select “Device Manager”)
  2. Identify your unknown devices (They will look similar to the image above, although the text will differ)
  3. Right click one of them and select “Properties”
  4. Switch to the “Details” tab
  5. Change the property drop down box to read “Hardware Ids”

What that will give you is one or more strings looking something like this


I have marked the two important parts in bold, the four digits after “VEN_” tell you the [[Wikipedia:Conventional_PCI|PCI]] Vendor number, the four digits after “DEV_” tells you device number these two numbers should uniquely identify the driver.

There are several sites that allow you to lookup these numbers, I tend to use the publicly available PCI Vendor and Device Lists at Which has always given me good results with minimum fuss and adverts.

Armed with the above I identified the manufacturer of the Card Reader was ENE Technologies, sometimes this is all you need to find the driver. You can Google/Bing the name and click the download or support links and get the latest drivers. This isn’t always the way, as some [[Wikipedia:Original_equipment_manufacturer|OEMs]] don’t offer drivers leaving that down to the system integrator to offer that service.

So some time with Bing, I found some drivers for various ENE Devices, however the drivers available from VersionTracker seemed promising. After downloading and unzipping the contents of the file to a folder on my Desktop, I was able to point Device Manager at these files for each of the unknown devices I was left with three working devices and a fully operational Card Reader.


Hope this helps some other people with similar laptops or Card Readers, post in the comments with your experiences, please include the manufacturer and model of the laptop/netbook you have succeeded with and hopefully you will help someone else with the same devices.

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  2. Thanks very much!!!! It helped me out with mine…just recently installed windows 7 and some getting back some drivers. Hey, you know…Acer Aspire 5100 came with drivers like ePower and others…did you re-install them? and where did you get the driveRs?

    By Biggy on Nov 12, 2009

  3. Hello Biggy,

    The laptop came to me with a corrupt hard drive, so I don’t know what came with it. That said I probably wouldn’t re-install Acer’s software unless it provided some Acer only functionality.

    You can probably go through the Acer website and pick up the Vista 32 versions of the software, there is a good chance that they will work fine.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 12, 2009

  4. I also have an Acer 5100 but if I install de drivers all seems Ok but the card reader does not work!
    The computer crashes a lot!

    Disabling the drivers was my only solution!

    Can you read an SD card?

    Thank you.
    best regards.

    By np39jd on Nov 16, 2009

  5. Interesting, I had been able to read the SD card from my when I typed the article up. However trying to do it again now and it informed me it wasn’t formatted.

    Went to shut the computer down and it blue screened. Going to look into this further.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 16, 2009

  6. I have acer aspire 5102 with turionx2 and 2 gb ram.
    Can I install windows 7 with aero on it/

    thank you

    By zox on Nov 19, 2009

  7. Hell Zox, Sounds like basically the same laptop that I have, so the answer is probably. The only way you will know for sure is trying it.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 20, 2009

  8. Thank you Richard

    By zox on Nov 20, 2009

  9. Thanks alot, this helped me with my Acer Aspire 8920G

    fixed all my card readers.

    the vendor was JMicron Technology Corp.

    and the product (or chip description) was JMB38X SD/MMC Host Controller

    i went on their site, clicked support, and found the JMB38X driver.
    downloaded and installed, works perfectly again 🙂

    By Will on Nov 22, 2009

  10. sorry to double post.

    but i hav eone more Unknown device showing up.

    it doesnt have a VEN or DEV number instead it says this on the Hardware IDs


    Any ideas if there is a site like PCI port which will help me figure out what it is?

    By Will on Nov 22, 2009

  11. 0 vote down

    I am having a very similar experience with getting my Acer 5102 WLMi to boot up with 4 GB RAM. Both 2GB modules work fine in either slot but it won’t boot with both installed. I had to upgrade BIOS to 3.13 to get it to boot up with either 2GB module.

    I partially understand the proposed solution of shorting out the the J2 jumper under the memory slots but have some questions on the procedure and am hesitant to try it. How does it short out once battery is removed. How long do you put screwdriver on jumpers? Will the laptop boot up again? How do you set up BIOS again so it will keep booting? Can anyone help explain the whole process in more detail and offer reassurance it will do the trick of getting Acer 5102 WLMi to boot up with 4 GB RAM?

    By pegazuz on Nov 23, 2009

  12. The device you have there appears to be some kind of USB device, the letters VID mean Vender ID which is a four digit code representing the manufacturer, in your case this appears to be Fusion Micromedia Corp.

    The PID number means Product ID, unfortunately I get stuck at this point a looking for Fusion Micromedia Corp. dosn’t yeild any useful results. The REV number can be ignored for the purposes of identifying the device driver, it represents the revision of the product.

    Next step was to search for the string “USB\VID_138A&PID_0001”, first hit is one of HPs many forums with a link to a HP driver in the form of this link:

    Let us know how you get on.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 23, 2009

  13. I am making the assumption that the J2 jumper shorts across the reset pins on the BIOS integrated circuit, generally manufacturers don’t provide a way to short across to terminals unless there is a safe reason to do so. The screwdriver only need be there for a second, do make sure that it makes a good contact but don’t press too hard. One the BIOS is reset you can go in an “Load Optimized Defaults” which will give you good settings for the most part, time and date you can set from a watch. If you are really worried about it go through the BIOS and write down your settings, however resetting the BIOS will not stop the computer from booting.

    As for reassurance, you will have to look elsewhere for this, it worked for me however it may not work for you and if done incorrectly you could damage your laptop, if in doubt either live with 2GB of memory, or get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 23, 2009

  14. How does Windows 7 64 bit OS work on your Acer 5102 WLMi? I am debating between trying some 64 bit Linux system or trying Windows 7. Does everything work under Windows 7?

    By pegazuz on Nov 27, 2009

  15. Seems to work great, have used, Office 2010 Beta and Visual Studio 2010 Beta without problems, IE8 and Firefox work well. The 1GB -> 4GB is the best hardware upgrade I have ever bought, system has become so much more responsive.

    All depends what you want to do on it.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 28, 2009

  16. Thank you for you advice on getting 5102 to boot up with 4 GB RAM. I checked with local ACER store and they had no experience with this upgrade. They didn’t recommend Windows 7 as they thought there might be lots of driver issues. It doesn’t sound like you experienced any. I am also going to try some linux systems to see if any of those work well.

    By Pegazuz on Nov 28, 2009

  17. I got my Acer 5102 running with 4 gb RAM and Windows 7 Pro version but camera and card reader won’t work. It doesn’t recognize cards from camera as having a recognizable file system. The camera shuts down right away with no explanation but doesn’t seem to display any picture. Anyone got these working under Windows 7 on this Acer model?

    By pegazuz on Dec 12, 2009


    Did you try with this one? I don’t understand why you installed the 1.7 driver from this link when there are drivers for vista x86 3.00

    I found these one searching only a little more in the same web you posted

    hope you read this and helps because I have one aspire 5100 with vista 32 home and I want to change it to a windows 7 64

    By aptec on Dec 12, 2009

  19. I got card reader to work with drivers from ENE Technology. They were dated 07-02-2007.
    The OrbiCam opens up and shuts down immediately. Two driver search programs and Windows 7 say it has latest drivers. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    By pegazuz on Dec 12, 2009

  20. I tried several drivers for the card reader until it finally worked. Maybe some of the files were corrupted since they didn’t seem to install right. Card reader currently works well with version listed above with Windows 7 64 bit. Only problem now is camera. does your camera work under Vista. I found several references toOrbiCam not working after upgrades to Vista. I went from XP Home edition to Windows 7 Pro and generally things seem to be working fine so far. I haven’t tried installing all the programs I want yet.

    By pegazuz on Dec 13, 2009

  21. I don’t know, I will try to install windows 7 soon. My Aspire 5100 is one of the last ones 5100-5848. I have seen in Acer’s webpage that the Acer Ferrari 1100 has some Windows 7 drivers and I think those notebooks had similar hardware to the Acer Aspire 5100. Perhaps Acer don’t want to program the full drivers for the Aspire 5100 but they are programming drivers for the “high level” notebooks they manufactured with similar hardware. Try to go to find that drivers and tell me.

    By aptec on Dec 14, 2009

  22. I found out camera works fine under other software programs but not with Acer OrbiCam so problem was with their program, not drivers or Windows 7.

    By pegazuz on Jan 1, 2010

  23. Only to say finally I have all working in Windows 7 excepting the 4 buttons near the power button but I have to admit I never used them.

    An Acer Aspire 5100-5848 is fully compatible with Windows 7 64bits if you download:

    Card Reader ENE drivers 3.00
    ATI Catalyst Legacy Drivers 9.11 for Vista64/Windows7 64 the only ones in their web and with better stability and performance in Windows 7 (I got more fps in some games).
    Webcam works in windows messenger without problems using the generic bison driver usb2.0 from windows 7 64 added during the install.

    The only thing you don’t have to do is use acer software, I am using the software that windows 7 gives you for battery, wifi etc.

    By aptec on Jan 12, 2010

  24. One more thing, you can download synaptic pointing device drivers for 64bits windows in their webpage and configure the buttons from the mouse touchpad. Also the FN blue buttons work all perfect but without showing the splash in the monitor.

    By aptec on Jan 12, 2010

  25. Hi there

    I have a 5102WLMI, it doesnt have the card-reader but I installed Win 7 32b and it works fine, the only thing i get is a 4th USB which it doesnt recognise (the machine only has 3USB ports). I tried your above idea, but it just says “unknown USB”.

    Upgrades to the machine include a Samsung fast 160GB hard drive, and 4GB of Ram frm Crucial. Interestingly, I have never upgraded the BIOS, its still running on V1.8! What did the later versions fix? I cant find any info from ACER on what the new BIOS versions fixed 🙁 I may just leave it on its current version as it seems to run ok.

    By Steve on Jan 23, 2010

  26. When I got the laptop it was having a number of issues at startup, I updated the BIOS as part of the diagnostic process. I don’t know if there are any fixes or features that would help. Unless you have a problem, I think you are right to leave it as it is.

    By Richard Slater on Jan 23, 2010

  27. Hi Steve

    The latest version of the bios is the 3.13 There are a lot of recommendations to upgrade, including for the changing of the processor if available. I changed my turion x2 tl52 1.6ghz to a turion tl62 I don’t remember exactly but it works at 2.2ghz and it is made in 65nm, the tl52 was made in 90nm

    All works fine with my laptop as I wrote before

    By aptec on Jan 28, 2010

  28. Obrigado!
    Funcionou perfeitamente no meu Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits.

    By Andre on Jun 2, 2010

  29. No problem, glad I could help.

    By Richard Slater on Jun 2, 2010

  30. Alguem pode me passar o link para o drive do win7 pelo amor de deus
    meu acer eh um 5100 e nada… nem o drive da cam eu consegui

    By Andre on Jul 24, 2010

  31. aaaaaaa!!!! funcionou pra mim!!!
    tank you, tank you very mutch!!!!

    By eduardo_dudi on Aug 10, 2010

  32. the card reader works with the driver from ENE Technology suggested by pegazuz. this is the direct link

    para que funcione el lector de tarjetas en win7 debes bajar el driver del link que acabo de dar.

    By metalero on Nov 15, 2010

  33. Windows Update appears to have drivers listed which work fine.

    By Richard Slater on Nov 15, 2010

  34. hi,
    i’ve downloaded the drivers from Acer,
    and for win7 64bits, it doesn’t work

    i download other drivers,
    and the only one that removes the error in de device is this:


    By hellpos on Dec 12, 2010

  35. I know that I’m joining a little late but I’ve been doing all you people have suggusted and I still get a blue screen after putting in my sd card and the computer does a restart. I am now bald trying to figure out what to do.

    By Kevin on Mar 15, 2011

  36. Acer 5100/5840 is the unit I accuired from a rebuild I did for a customer.

    By Kevin on Mar 15, 2011

  37. What version of the driver are you using now?

    By Richard Slater on Mar 15, 2011

  38. Right now none, even the generic drivers cause a crash

    By Kevin on Mar 15, 2011

  39. my O/S is 7 ultamate

    By Kevin on Mar 15, 2011

  40. just checked and I have the driver verison 5.1.2600.3001

    By Kevin on Mar 15, 2011

  41. Just wanted to give you some info. Thought that it might be becouse that becouse I was trying to use a sd/hc card that might have been the problem, but with the lower 2gb card my acer went into blue screen(and crash) even faster. When I was reading Here did I see where you were having blue screen and crash problems too?

    By Kevin on Mar 16, 2011

  42. Same case (usb\vid_138a&pid_0001&rev_0372), resolved downloading driver from HP website “Validity Sensor Driver” works ok, sorry by my english, saludos desde Mexico !

    By ricrack on Jul 27, 2011

  43. Thanks,metalero!

    By viori on Sep 30, 2011

  44. Great stuff. Thanks for the info.

    By Oz on Dec 12, 2011

  45. use this and your problems will be solved

    By metal on Dec 1, 2012

  46. I own an Acer 3102 laptop which use to have Windows XP Home(32-bit) as the OS. I noticed that the SD card reader wouldn’t recognize cards larger than 2gigs(such as High Capacity). No thanks to acer support because they don’t update their drivers. So, I was stuck with the old driver that came installed on the laptop. Few days ago, I upgraded the OS to Windows 7 64-bit OS and finally found a driver that gave me back the usability of the SD card reader and now it reads SDHC cards (32 Gigs). The driver I’m using now is:ENE CB-712/714/810 Cardbus controller Version 5.1.2600.3001 it’s meant for Windows Vista 64bit OS but it works great for me on Windows 7. Acer support needs help with their driver updates for older laptops. They would rather sell you a new laptop instead.

    By Bob M. on Jan 22, 2013

  47. Thanks Bob

    By Richard Slater on Jan 24, 2013

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