Creating content can be a thankless task. However, it is a way of giving back, building a better internet, and something enjoyable to do in my spare time. Therefore, if you feel moved to support me financially, either as a one-off or a monthly donation, you will enable me to spend more time focusing on creating new content.

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I’m not a bit invester in Cryptocurrency, but it’s interesting to have a small amount to experiement with Solidity, Smart Contracts and DeFi. If you want to send me a small amount on your prefered network it is greatly appreciated:

Network Accepted Tokens Address
Bitcoin BTC bc1qh87qkk243xckr8ze37plqjgzgnfsu895r98dqr
Ethereum ETH, ERC-20 0x2E250Ca1db2a21AD6fE0320b0D19393C8013b0Ce
Binance Smart Chain BNB, BUSD, BEP-20 0x2E250Ca1db2a21AD6fE0320b0D19393C8013b0Ce
Polygon MATIC, ERC-20 0x2E250Ca1db2a21AD6fE0320b0D19393C8013b0Ce
Hive HIVE, HBD richardslater
Dogecoin Doge DGDCNrDpZdGFXck7KB2LHyvVVz5oRQbsfR
Litecoin LTC ltc1qsvts0v8x2l8x88tuw8fmrnjuknt8qq2l099k40

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