OK… so all of my old planetside chums have defected to this new MMORPG called EVE Online: The Second Genesis… so here I am writeing a dissertation about the future of MMOGs, thinking I wander what this game is all about… and I wish I could have a go just to see what it is like… so I did, got a 3 day trial of Dreeder (cheers matey) and started playing today… the tutorial was less than clear and I gave up after fiddeling trying to get it to work for a couple of hours, then I just spent some time mining stuff for seemingly no point oh well never mind… from what I see of the game so far it looks vast… there are a huge number of systems in the EVE universe and they all seem quite big in themselves. From a design perspective I imagine it is largely an illusion as there is little between each asteroid/station/planet and so on… the theory behind the game is very simple. However a huge amount of work has gone into the economy, which is a really good thing as it ads layers and layers of complexity to the game, anyway if you are interested in EVE take a look at this affilliate link you can then look round the website and if you sign up CCP (the makers of EVE) will give OC-PS.co.uk $7, which isnt bad at all.