Having issues today with power at work, yesterday we had a new generator installed, then we had a power cut… at least we know the generator will kick in, as long as we don’t mind waiting 15 seconds. Of course the computers, servers and all can’t cope with this.

So we have ordered UPSs for all the computers in the Admin Block, hopefuly will get some for the servers too, you never know we might be able to have an up time longer than one week.

Other than power issues, work is quite good, we are really getting in to the swing of things, still lots and lots to get done but, it looks possable now. My main issue at the moment is documenting all the things that I rushed to get done because they needed doing yesterday. note to anyone in the same business: document as you go is much, much, much easier.

Everyone on OcPS is looking forward to World of Warcraft EU looks like lots of the old Planetside gang is getting together to make an impact on Azeroth, most of us have played it before in the NA beta.