This month could possibly be the busiest month of my life, I am feeling quite stressed as it is because Catherine has been feeling much worse with her arms, so I have been doing more round the house. Starting a new job is always tiring particularly when you have a 1 hour round trip by foot to get there and back. My body was rebelling against me over the weekend, I ached from head to toe and honestly don’t feel rested in the slightest.

So next week is Pete’s stag do, I am best man which probably means I will get the pain of getting shot at by 30 people along with Pete, which will be fun. To be honest I am more than a little nervous about paint balling again, last time I went I got quite a bit of paint in by eye (just from it dripping down of my mask) which was absolute agony.

After that, Catherine have got two weddings in a row, first one the weekend after next is one of Catherine’s friends getting married in London, shouldn’t be too bad as we are only going to be able to make the actual ceremony as the reception would prevent us from getting back, shame though as it would have been an opportunity for Catherine to get together with some of her friends again, and a good opportunity for me to get some ideas about my Best Mans Speech. That’s the second wedding the next week, being Pete’s best man is an honour, but it is also a nerve racking experience!

Somewhere in between these manic weekends I have to write a speech, pack and move house… I am going to need a very, very, very long rest, unfortunately I don’t think I am going to get one.