All the mad hat stuff going on arround here and I have been forgetting to blog, that said before this weekend there was virtualy nothing to blog about!

OK… will start from last Thursday, headed off to RiverCamp at about 10:30. For those that don’t know I am a Christian, I go to a church and count myself as part of an church organisation called Elim (Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance technicaly) and RiverCamp is our yearly prayer, worship and teaching event. Jon and Carol Arnott were doing most of the teaching this year, which was great for the most part, even though I missed the teaching that you would get at Spring Harvest or similar. All in all it was a really great weekend I feel that RiverCamp is still very young and very much in its infancy but it is growning up fast, huge future ahead of us I am sure.

It seems to be all change season in Radio land, Hitch has left EVE-Radio, it wasn’t a huge surprise as Hitch is one of the more mature (as in responsable) DJs and it seems that there are certain members of E-R management and community who do not agree with his point of view, to the point of totaly annialating his farewell posts and banning his account. All is not lost however as Hitch is going to be creating some more THH Pod Casts, which is much better, because I can listen to them when I have time rather than having to stop listening half way through because I have to do some work or get some much needed sleep. In local radio land Juice FM’s Brooksy is leaving the morning slot and moving up ’t north, according to the Argus he is being suceeded by Terry Garagan… do do doo doo do do doo do, do do doo do doo da da, do do do doo do doo doo doo, Last Bus To Whitehawk.