Inspired by other similar posts on many other blogs I decided provide some answers to questions that people come to this blog via search engines with. Sorted in descending order of the number of requests ever.

  • lakeland revival (with and without quotes and various prefixes and postfixes) - My Post,, matthewblogroll, Wikipedia’s Florida Healing Outpouring page

  • richard slater - Yes that is me, there are more Richard Slaters though - you can find a list at!

  • richard slater artist - this isn’t me unfortunatly, you may be looking for this page.

  • lakeland revival online - you can find out more information about the lakeland revival online at or on the Fresh Fire Ministeries web page.

  • “http://localhost:port” “wikipedia” - I honestly haven’t got a clue what the searcher was hoping to happen here someone searching for a way to host wikipedia on a local machine, for that there is a Wikipedia CD available.

  • wedding aniversary - Me and my wife got married on September 4th, if you are reading this why not tell me when yours is.

  • catherine worship leader lakeland revival - I think you are probably looking for Catherine Mullins (who is a fantastic energetic worship leader at the revival, you can find more information on Radiant God, I Trust You and Coweta Community Church.

  • guitar lessons peacehaven - you may want to have a look for Keith Markwick, apparantly he does guitar lessons in Peacehaven!

  • homeplug latency - from experience it can be slow and laggy and is often considered unsuitable for gameing applications, however for e-mail and surfing it is fine.

  • inkscape - that would be here.

  • john piper lakeland - John Piper has a website at Desiring God however I don’t know if he has anything to say about Lakeland!

  • liz calmiano - her Myspace is a good place to start.

  • mapin borrow cable crimper - I don’t think Maplin loan out equipment, you would have to buy it.

Well I enjoyed that.