I spend about an hour and a half on the bus every day commuting to and from work. It was a huge boon for me when I got my HTC Desire as it opened up the world of Google Listen. I wanted to go through some of the Podcasts that I listen to in the hope that someone else in my position can enjoy them and hopefuly learn as much from them as I have.

Software Development / Programming

  • DotNetRocks - one of the best produced .NET podcasts out there, Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell. All topics related to the .NET Platform and software development in general.
  • Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman is a Microsoft Developer, Family Man and general Geek, podcasts are of a concise and casual nature covering mainly programming matters, but sometimes branching out into other areas of Scott’s interests.
  • Herding Code - kind of reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition (which I remember well…) many hosts one topic or guest. The shows can be a little long.
  • SitePoint Podcast - a fairly new addition to my listening list, I am not convinced on the format but there have been some good shows.
  • Sparkling Client (no longer available) - is short, really short. Which is great as the information is presented clearly and quickly, very programmer like. Makes me happy to see it appear on my List.


  • This Developers Life - modelled after This American Life some podcast I have never heard of, hosted by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery; it is different, it’s not information its about experience it is also fairly new and has music.
  • Escape Pod - Sci-Fi podcast and blog, what can I say… I love Sci-Fi. Have a listen some of the stories are absolutely fantastic, well worth a listen.

So if you have the time to try some of these give them a go, let me know what you think and what else you find.