Copyright in cryptocurrency is a complex topic, many crypto currencies are created by a corporate entity others by individuals. In some depending in some cases when the currency was created the associated logo was releasesd under a commercial licence requiring permission to use it, despite the fact the use of the logo may be “free marketing” for the copyright holder.

I’m going to collect together a list of logos and evidence of what licence they are released under in this post, hope it is of use to someone.

Coin Source of Logo Licence
BNB Wikipedia Commons Unknown - the file in Wikimedia Commons is marked as public domain due a simple composition of geometric shapes, however the logo is likely part of Binance’s wider trademarks.
BTC Wikipedia Media Public Domain - the original log was releaed as public domain, although it should be noted that at least one person has registered the logo and symbol as trademarked to “protect it from misuse”.
BCH Wikipedia Media Public Domain - see above.
DOT Polkadot Brand Assets Likely Creative Commons.
XLM Stellar Press Kit Propriatary - see Trademark and Brand Policy.
ADA Cardano Brand Assets Propriatry - see Trademark Policy.
XRP Ripple Labs Brand Resources Propriatry - see Terms of Use.
SHIB Unknown Unknown
DOGE Crypto Logos Propriatary, although permissive, see Dogecoin Foundation Trademarks.
ETH Ethereum Brand Assets Trademarked by the Ethereum Foundation see Ethereum Foundation Terms of Use however an “older version” of the logo was releaed under Creative Commons which can not be revoked.
ETC Media Kit Creative Commons see License.
HIVE Hive Brand Likely MIT Licence.
LTC Wikimedia Commons MIT Licence
FIL Filecoin Project (GitHub) Dual Licence Apache 2.0 and MIT
XMR Monero Press-Kit Creative Commons

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