Insanely Hard Game

February 11, 2004 – 22:11

I found this game called Balm, the plot is you have to rid a computer core of a virus, essentialy what you have are green discs (you) and red discs (computer). Each disc has a single tab on it which connects it to any other discs if that tab comes into contact with any other disc that is not of its colour the disc changes color to your colour, and follows any path from there. You can rotate any disc that is your own colour but only clockwise.

It is a very very simple concept, but very very hard to beat the AI.

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  2. Sorry to say this, but that is what a call a crap game its not even fun its frustrating. agreement with the whole its hard but thats as far as it goes.

    Did like the Kenya thing though that made me laugh lots and lots.

    Anymore exciting games?


    By MissKitty on Feb 23, 2004

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