Finished my last exam of semester one today, yippie… got to start working on my Project and Dissertation pretty soon… decided to have an evening of fun thoug so I thought I would fire up Planetside for some fun with the gang only to find that there really was no one from OcUK playing the game any more, and to top that it seems most of the players that I respected have also left the game (BigAlBNC, ArchAngel).

The whole of Auraxis seems to be dead now… there was still fighting going on, but no one was there to command… I really miss the good old days when there were only a hand full of Terran CR5s and they expected to get moaned at now it seems that no one want s to take charge for fear of getting their head bitten off.

I suppose I still have to do my project on planetside unless i can find some other online database that I could use rather than planetside then just code it for both of them and call it an example of the flexability of the software… but I’m not holding my hopes up.

Most of the OcUK gang have moved over to EVE Online which looks like an absoloutly excelent game… just wish I had the time to get into it, maybe once my degree is finished and I have found a job Catherine will let me play the game, she might even like this game, at least she might like it more than Planetside.

I also have an itchy finger, not to pull any trigers or anything, its just really really itchy.

I had this mad idea of a Web-Based MMORPG in my exam today, where yo u could start of Age of Empires stile with virtualy nothing then research you way into other ages… it would probably require a huge invention tree but it could be really quite cool to put together and implement in PHP… you could then move through the inventions researching things selling them on and selling the products you make with these inventions to earn cash. No fighting involved… if people really wanted combat then some form of espionarge or robery could be included where you could steal plans or something… not quite sure yet, I might put a couple of my ideas up on the forum if I get a chance.

I am downloading a free MMORPG called Planeshift looks pretty good for no money at all. I am looking forward to giving it a try… I miss playing MMO games.