Driving Lesson #9

August 15, 2008 – 19:44

Well roundabouts went well today, I am still not anywhere near confident on them but I was bringing my speed down most of the time. I must admit I am itching to get out in a car again to practice more. I will have to wait as my two weeks of regular lessons have come to an end, could only book one lesson next week as Kev is off to Rivercamp on Friday, and has lessons the rest of the week.

So anyway, enough lamenting about driving lessons. Kev introduced reversing round corners to me, which I found similar to turning round in the road, in terms of things to think about. Certainly skills I learnt in turning round in the road helped, particularly controlling the car with the clutch and foot brake.

On the basis I have only done this twice, this may be wrong… very wrong. Essentially this is another way turn the car round so that it is pointing in the opposite direction. After doing the five point check – right blind spot, right door mirror, front windscreen, left door mirror and rear window – I reverse round the corner keeping the kerb an equal distance from the car all the way round,  Once straightened up round the corner reverse the car into a parked position.

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  2. Richard, well done, keep working on your driving skills, and very soon you’ll be ready to take the driving test.

    I run a blog UK driving school providing articles, tips and videos to help pass the driving test, so you can have a look, and keep yourself busy while your instructor is away.

    By Driving Instructor on Aug 16, 2008

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