Adding VSeWSS 1.3 Solutions to Source Control

February 5, 2009 – 11:35

Having done a little experimenting with Visual Studio Extensions for WSS (VSeWSS), I wanted to start actually developing features for our intranet site. I try and add everything that is even slightly important into source control (Subversion). VSeWSS creates normal looking solutions, however when you deploy your project to a SharePoint site it created an additional directory alongside “bin” and “obj” called “pkg”.

This “pkg” folder contains the manifest.xml, soloution.xml and feature.xml files that are used to create the feature to be deployed into SharePoint. Initially I was including this folder in my commits however, I noticed that any tweaks made to feature.xml were overwritten when you deployed the package again. After some searching around I came across an article that suggests deleting the “pkg” folder under certain circumstances. From this I assume that the contents of the “pkg” folder is generated each and every time you package and deploy your solution (or indeed project), thus it does not need to be added to source control.

While writing this post I did come across another blog that suggests adding the “pkg” folder to source control. There does appear to be little advice out there regarding VSeWSS and Source Control. I would be interested to hear others experiences on the subject.

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  2. Hey Richard,

    I’ve had bad experiences with putting generated code (especially as often as the PKG folder or BIN folder) into SCM systems – be it VSS, TFS or Subversion.

    as a thumb rule i never add it in there – the only exception is for deployment code. Eg. code that is being released or deployed.

    But, that’s managed from our build processes anyways – if i switch VS onto release mode then a script moves all of the code in the tree into our SCM system, branches it accordingly and voila i don’t have to worry about it 😉

    Brian H. Madsen

    By Brian H. Madsen on Feb 5, 2009

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