Passed the 60 hours of driving lessons milestone today, which probably equates to about 58 hours of actual driving. What with the first couple of lessons being driven to somewhere to practice, and the end of lessons going over Drivers Records from time to time.

Turning round in the road was pretty much spot on, Kev wanted me to make a mistake so that he could ask me to do it again so we would be pointing the right way again.

Reverse round a corner wasn’t as bad as usual I concentrated very hard - however I find it difficult to get the observations in and make the changes to steering to get round the corner. Reverse parking went very wrong from the outset - I was phased by a white van and rushed it, getting it all wrong from the outset. The rain was really quite heavy on the way home, it was interesting to be in that situation but made it very difficult to see and make judgments in my door mirrors.

Still figuring out where all of the controls for the car are, it doesn’t seem to quite make sense in my head that the rear wiper is pushing the right control forward and front wipers are pushing it up. Have booked another 6 lessons with Kev over the course of the next two weeks, one every day over half term. A bit of a drive round on the Monday and then my test on the Tuesday. Starting to get minor butterflies when I think about it, although reading a book or playing EVE gets my mind off it.