Ooops! I Did It Again

Yes, it has come to that time of the year again that I remember that I was meant to be blogging more, in fact I made it a New Year’s resolution to blog more often, and that came to absolutely nothing and here we are almost 9 months later. It has been a busy day, I have installed WordPress 2.2 both on here and on I Married You and removed almost all of the old site for storage space reasons, the only part of my website that is still there is my CS335 - Dissertation which several people link to, so I thought it only fair not to move that one....

August 27, 2007 · 2 min

Exam Results

Got my results for my final year through in the post today, forwarded from home, which is why it took so long to find out about it. Object Oriented Design and Architecture 48% (D) Computing Engineering Concepts 44% (D) Computing Dissertation 65% (B) Comparative Programming Languages 56% (C) Design of Communitcation Protocols 36% (Fail) Client Server Technologies 34% (Fail) Network Management 42% (D) In summary a Third Class degree, which is a bit rubbish… they are asking me to retake the Design of Communitaction Protocals exam at the end of august (the week before I get married) and re-submit my Client Server technologies coursework....

July 26, 2004 · 1 min


That has to be the most amusing exam in the world, I answered half of three questions, the maxium number of marks I can obtain is about 25 out of 100, ergo I need to get a fairly high grade for the courswork to even pass the module… FUN!

June 14, 2004 · 1 min

Exam Tomorrow and Tuesday

I have an exam tomorrow, Design of Communication Protocols (room W623), I have done little or no revision for it, because I have only turned up to three lectures because I have been ill, Saeed the lecturer failed repetedly to put the lecture notes up on the Internet… I don’t know how he expects me to pass the module when he has failed those of us on the module who have not been able to attend the lecutures due to the extreme workload of the final year at University....

June 13, 2004 · 2 min

Dissertation All Over

Had my dissertation presentation today, went quite well nothing of note particuarly, but it does mark the waypoint of the end of the dissertation, you are are welcome to read it. I also got an extention to the Client Server Technologies coursework, which I am going to work on after the weekend once Catheirne has gone home.

June 4, 2004 · 1 min

Provisional Exam Timetable Released

A Provisional exam timetable has been released for my course: IS345 - Network Management : 15th June 2004 : 0900 - 1200 : Watts 310 / Watts 502 CS333 - Design of Communication Protocols : 14th June 2004 : 0900 - 1200 : Watts 623 I also know what my hand in dates for my coursework: CS333 - Design of Communication Protocols (Due 19th May) Finite State Machine and Petri net are techniques for formally specifying protocols....

May 12, 2004 · 2 min

Long Time...

I can only say that I am sorry, that is of course if anyone is still reading this, which I dont expect for a second. I have been mega stressed recently, from my past posts you can probably see that there has been a lot going on with my course. I have got some stuff sorted out, Dissertation is all but over and done with, I have got my project defered until the end of the summer (if the course office and Saeed can communicate clearly with me regarding which forms they want me to fill in)....

May 11, 2004 · 2 min

Oh Dear! Oh Dear!

My degree isnt going to well, I got my transcript through for the most recent exams I took… I was dissapointed to say the least. Comparative Programming Languages (56%) Computer Enginering Concepts (43%) Object Oriented Design and Implementation (48%) I have spent most of the afternoon figuring out what I need to get to be able to get which grades: Average 85% on all remaining exams and assessments to get a First Average 70% on all remaining exams and assessments to get a Upper Second Average 50% on all remaining exams and assessments to get a Lower Second Average 32% on all remaining exams and assessments to get a Third Average less than 32% on all remaining exams and assessments to Fail My point average for this year is 49....

March 15, 2004 · 1 min

Finished Dissertation / EVE

I have totaly neglected this blog over the weekend, Catherine came to stay with me for the weekend which was great we had a really great time at both of the wedding shows we went to, we also spent quite a lot of time talking about stuff. I have been feeling quite ill, I have been having all sorts of problems with acid reflux over the last week, the doctor has put me on various things to help calm it down, but we will see....

March 1, 2004 · 2 min

On the Dissertation front

On the Dissertation front I have got some work done today, I am fairly pleased with myself… could of done more though, you can see the fruits of my labor in the university section.

February 18, 2004 · 1 min