I have totaly neglected this blog over the weekend, Catherine came to stay with me for the weekend which was great we had a really great time at both of the wedding shows we went to, we also spent quite a lot of time talking about stuff. I have been feeling quite ill, I have been having all sorts of problems with acid reflux over the last week, the doctor has put me on various things to help calm it down, but we will see.

I finaly got round to finishing my dissertation, it went quite well in the end got a good 300 words over the minimum, any more than that and I would be waffeling about stuff, which dosn’t really make for a good dissertation. In hind-sight I would do much more research and probably work a fair bit harder at it earlier on… the rush to the deadline was far too much strain for me, I only got 12 hours sleep in 5 days which dosnt make for a happy Richard. If you are interested in “The Future of Massivly Multiplayer Online Games” then take a look at my dissertation

… finaly now I have been playing EVE:Online for over a week (I have reviewed it at dooyou.co.uk). I have decided to reset my character to start from scratch and build it up as a miner/refiner.