I saw something scarey today, it was a man having his head sawn off by al-Queda militants… the mans name is Nick Berg, I know many people have seen this video, many people have told me different things about the video some thought it was faked some thought it was real. I wanted to see for my self. Through the shield the media places in front of us i saw what happens when people get so enraged they kill another human being.

Everyone I spoke to, saw one condemed man in that video, I saw five condemed men! I have spoken to people who feel that the whole of the Iraqi people should be rounded up and shot, then there would be thousands more condemed soldiers, who would have the blood of inocent Iraqi’s on their hands.

Catherine said something so true to me today, She said: “I wouldn’t be suprised if we never get to bring up children”, “I wouldn’t be suprised if we never die”, every Christian knows that He is comming again, but none know how soon… and that scares me.