A Provisional exam timetable has been released for my course:

  • IS345 - Network Management : 15th June 2004 : 0900 - 1200 : Watts 310 / Watts 502

  • CS333 - Design of Communication Protocols : 14th June 2004 : 0900 - 1200 : Watts 623

I also know what my hand in dates for my coursework:

  • CS333 - Design of Communication Protocols (Due 19th May) Finite State Machine and Petri net are techniques for formally specifying protocols. Write an essay on the concept and introduction of the techniques. It is expected, the techniques are at least applied to two well known protocols commercially in use and form part of the argument for using formal specification and validation of protocols. [Reading: Holzmann, GJ Prentice Hall, Computer Networks Various]
  • CS346 - Client Server Computing (Due 3rd June) Build a system to allow the playing of a game between co-operating users over the internet. As a minimum your game should involve two players on different computers.
  • IS345 - Network Management (Due 3rd June) You will produce a case study, which will be a work of fact or fiction (or a combination of the two) of around 1,500-2000 words describing a situation where the five functional areas of network management (FCAPS) are not adhered to.
  • Dissertation Presentations The presentations have not yet been confirmed with Richard Bosworth