Got my results for my final year through in the post today, forwarded from home, which is why it took so long to find out about it.

  • Object Oriented Design and Architecture 48% (D)
  • Computing Engineering Concepts 44% (D)
  • Computing Dissertation 65% (B)
  • Comparative Programming Languages 56% (C)
  • Design of Communitcation Protocols 36% (Fail)
  • Client Server Technologies 34% (Fail)
  • Network Management 42% (D)

In summary a Third Class degree, which is a bit rubbish… they are asking me to retake the Design of Communitaction Protocals exam at the end of august (the week before I get married) and re-submit my Client Server technologies coursework.

On top of that the project which is due in at the end of August as well is not going as fast as it should be by any stretch of the imagination, I am struggling to convince myself that I should at least attempt to get something out of this degree.