Spent some more time driving round Woodingdean, Kev went through who has priority in which situations. For example if an obstruction is on your side of the road then the oncoming traffic has priority, the situation can obviously be reversed if the obstruction is on the other side of the road the you have priority.

I have been drawing out some of the diagrams from Kev’s folder of pictures, to save anyone else the trouble I have included the source files here for anyone to play with all licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported Licence.

I suggest that you use Inkscape to edit the following Scalable Vector Graphic file, first and foremost it is Open Source and thus freely available and two the images were created in Inkscape in the first place.

Cars and Road - Scalable Vector Graphic

If you come up with some derivations of this image please feel free to comment on this post with your version and I will be happy to provide a link back to your work.

Anyway, back to the lesson we spent about an hour and twenty minutes in Woodingdean I came across a couple of funny situations and stalled right in front of a Brighton & Hove Bus Company bus which was threw me somewhat, so much so that I couldn’t start the car again. I did it eventually thanks to some gentle coaching from Kev. Got followed for a few hundred meters by the police who seemed to find the snail on the top of the car and the fact I was going at sub 20mph quite amusing.

I also spectacularly managed to plough into the kerb which sounds awful (the noise it makes that is), it seems however that even practised drives have problems when parking though - Felicia Day of Dr. Horrible and The Guild fame managed to kill a tire backing into a parking space, not entirely sure why but that made me feel much better.

To end the lesson Kev had a little treat for me, he guided me through out of Woodingdean, Rottingdean, onto the A259, Past Saltdean and into Peacehaven. I think I was gripping the steering wheel quite hard, although I think I was so concerned about getting something wrong and ending up bouncing off the kerb or oncoming traffic that I got through it without any major trauma.

Of course after going at 30mph for a bit, I totally lost the ability to drive round Peacehaven at 20mph, I suppose adapting to different speeds comes with time. I hope so! So in summary, all going well - I really enjoyed today and got a tremendous sense of satisfaction driving home. Thanks Kev :-)