Breaking my streak of 11 blog posts on the day of my driving lesson… I had a driving lesson yesterday. Strangely enough I feel that my driving is getting worse, I don’t think it actually is getting any worse I am just getting more confident and trying to do more things at once, at which point Kev steps in (literally) with the foot break.

Interesting experience today as we were driving round in the pouring rain, it was quite disturbing at first as the windscreen wipers were distracting, however once I got over that I was more or less ignoring them. The main issue I had was large blobs of rain obscuring entire cars, again once I got use to checking a bit more carefully I got over that too.

Kev went through reverse parking today which was actually easier than I expected, perhaps because I had been doing amazingly boring task of “paper work” before my lesson today so my brain was ready to learn something. The essence of the manoeuvre is as follows, please remember that this may be TOTALLY INCORRECT and much of it will only apply to the particular model of car I am driving:

  1. Start about a meter beyond the car you are going to park opposite (i.e. with the front of the car facing).
  2. Do the checks from your blind spot round to the rear window.
  3. Reverse until the car disappears behind the head-rest of the car (this bit may not work unless you are in Kev’s car!).
  4. Check your blind spot.
  5. Do one whole turn to the left (i.e. towards the kerb).
  6. Once the wheel arch starts to obscure the kerb, turn the wheel two whole turns to the right.
  7. Once the car is parallel with the road straighten up.

At this point you should be there. I was stopping between each step to figure out what I was doing next, although it could be done without stopping I suppose.