Emergency Stops…


My head is buzzing after doing my first four emergency stops, it isn’t the emergency stops that I don’t like it is being in charge of a car after doing one, also having your mate shout “STOP” in your left ear, has a somewhat negative Pavlovian conditioning effect on the enjoyment of driving.

So as with my earlier posts I am going to try and write down the procedure for doing an emergency stop, as with previous posts this is my memory of what to do, not official. Please take advise of a qualified driving instructor (like Kev) before trying this.

  1. Instructor/Examiner shouts STOP in your left ear ;-).
  2. Press down the brake, then the clutch (this is for an ABS car).
  3. As you are doing to try and lock out your arms and push yourself into the chair to avoid being thrown forward.
  4. In the event of rear wheels drifting out, steer into the same direction as the the drift. f.ex. if you drift right, steer right.
  5. Put on the hand break.
  6. Change to first gear.
  7. Look over both shoulders (left and right…).
  8. Move off slowly and carefully.

Chances are if you are anything like me your head will be buzzing, this would probably be a good time to pull over and compose yourself.