Today was a new skill, parking in a shopping center car park. Or at least an adaption of existing skills.

  1. Get yourself parallel to the line kerb equivalent, roughly a doors width from the bounding line of the parking space.
  2. Reverse until the near side bounding line of the parking space is about half way through rear window.
  3. Once at this position steer full lock to the left.
  4. Keep reversing, making corrections by straightening up then moving back to full lock.
  5. As you finally come round to parallel to the left and right bounding lines straighten up.
  6. Reverse until the front bounding line is level with the mirrors.

That’s roughly it, I think. Hopefuly I will get to practice it again next week and draw you all a diagram. This week I was less hesitant than I had been in the past, I still made mistakes and got confused by the trafic but I was more decicivie. Felt conftable and confident in the car, if a little weary of being asked to do emergency stops again.