Moving towards my 60th hour of driving, and I am still enjoying it. Made a couple of silly mistakes today, the first (not the first mistake just the first silly one) was not taking a right turn where I should of. It was down to my perception of how the road went, I hadn’t anticipated that the road itself went straight on, I thought it went off to the left. Kev asked me to take the next right, and I missed it and went straight on.

Second mistake was not stopping at a give way line, someone came round a sort of blind corner, had I crept further forward I would have seen them. This was bad because they had to slow down, on the off chance they are reading this, sorry! Lesson learnt though.

Kev has said he is happy for me to book my test, so I did. I am not going to post it on here until I have it confirmed with Kev. It is against by better judgement to post it at all, as I am likely to end up with twitters, texts and e-mails soon before the test which might make me nervous. We will see.