It might be that I am tired, and hungry but I got a little fed up with driving. It takes quite a lot of concentration and it gets me home more tired than if I had sat on a bus for a hour and a half.

It sound silly but sitting on that bus for two hours is the only time I get to relax and pray. Two things you can’t really do when you are driving, the other thing that a bus lets you do when you are on it and if you are feeling up to it is give your full concentration to the book or podcast you are trying to extract information from which is really nice. I think the bus is the only place in the whole world where I know I will not be interrupted.

I was driving well today according to Kev, could have fooled me as I was stalling like it was going out of fashion. Kev was trying to get me to anticipate situations more acutely by looking ahead down the road identifying hazards long before I got anywhere near them. Something else I can practice on the bus (if I can be bother that is… seriously sans motivation today).

Anyway another lesson tomorrow and got my next test booked for the 16th April, see how I do in that one.