We got Zoe and her sister Kerry in the summer of 2000 before I left for University, it had been a few years since our last cat, Emma, had died and my parents decided it was time to have a cat (or cats as it turned out) in the house again. Zoe (2000 - 2009) I love cats, despite being allergic to them, so I gladly sat in the back of the car with the two kittens in their travel box, the as yet unnamed kitten Zoe looked a bit pitiful and couldn’t stay standing up I was worried about her, although as it turns out she made the journey just fine. As they had just been separated from their mother they were nervous little things, Zoe hid in the corner of the conservatory, Kerry explored a little.

I felt so sorry for them I took my sleeping bag and slept in the conservatory with them. During the night Kerry decided to get down the end of the sleeping bag and meow at my feet, Zoe who was more timid settled for sitting near by. I don’t know why but Zoe seemed happy for me to hold her, I used to carry her round the room moving her in the direction that she turned her head, she quickly cottoned on and took the opportunity to sniff out the parts of the room she was unable to find under her own power; as long as we kept moving she was happy to stay in my arms.

Sadly, Zoe had to be put down yesterday (Thursday). I won’t go into the details as this is not how I want to remember her, I am glad I got to see her one last time a couple of weeks back before leaving for Spring Harvest. We are all going to miss her personality and affection. Bye Bye Zoe.