Well another day, another driving test and another fail. I had hoped to say that this was a pass day today but it was not to be. I think the nerves got the better of me, I was okay for most of it although my throat kept drying up.

This test actually came out much worse than last time, again I had two serious faults, however more than twice as many minor faults with 14. It was a bit of a shock to me as I had realized I had made some minor mistakes here and there but had not spotted the major faults.

I won’t go into the minor faults, as they are too numerous to enumerate and honestly I can’t even pinpoint what I did wrong, I was focusing on the task at hand and have since totally forgotten the majority of the test itself.

Serious Fault #1 - Meeting a car in the road

This was one of the serious faults from my last test, I got a minor in the same area on this test too. Fundamentally I think it is a judgment problem on my part, I see a which has priority on the opposite side of the road I don’t seem to judge very accurately, I think perhaps in future I need to yield to them regardless of my judgment.

Serious Fault #2 - Road position

I cut across the lanes on a roundabout basically, I don’t even remember doing it and apparently I hadn’t done it on previous roundabouts, perhaps it was because it was the end of the test, and I had a lapse in concentration - although I do appreciate that is all it takes for someone to get hurt or worse. I have re-booked for the end of May, at which point we will see what happens on Driving Test #3.