Driving Lesson #5

My tenth hour of driving lessons is over, and I am pleased with my progress. It takes a surprising amount out of you driving around, it is possible that because I am quite tense while driving I am making it worse for myself, I am relaxing more. My steering has improved and I am more or less getting everything done. That is not to say that I am not making mistakes - I am making a lot of mistakes - but that is okay mistakes are part of the process....

August 8, 2008 · 2 min

Google Search Results

Inspired by other similar posts on many other blogs I decided provide some answers to questions that people come to this blog via search engines with. Sorted in descending order of the number of requests ever. lakeland revival (with and without quotes and various prefixes and postfixes) - My Post, NewChristian.org, matthewblogroll, Wikipedia’s Florida Healing Outpouring page richard slater - Yes that is me, there are more Richard Slaters though - you can find a list at richardslater....

July 29, 2008 · 2 min

Blog Updates

I have spent most of the day messing arround with the blog, much of the work has gone on behind the scenes adding sitemap.org sitemaps to make spidering the site easier. Moving the links section to a menu so that it isn’t taking up valuable sidebar space and adding buttons to share posts on popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Technorati. Tweaked the templates a bit more so that it didn’t just give snippits of articles on categories, archives and tag pages....

July 26, 2008 · 1 min

Site Upgrade

Upgraded the site to WordPress 2.6, also switched the style to use widgets so everything down the left hand side is now a widget rather than some hand coded SQL stuff, that worked but could have been much better, now it is! As you can probably see I am experementing with Twitter I don’t know if I am going to get along with it, but I do like the idea of blogging with less than 140 characters....

July 22, 2008 · 1 min

Blocking Adverts

I read an interesting article on The Register about the Firefox Plugin AdBlock Plus, the article covers a bit about the current favourable relationship between Firefox and Google which could be threatened by the increased usage of products that block adverts from being displayed. I am no fan of adverts on websites, as you can see; this site is devoid of adverts for the conscious reason that I find them distracting....

September 13, 2007 · 2 min

Desktop Blogging Client

Thanks to Ian’s Messy Desk and BlogWell this post comes courtesy of w.bloggar. Going to give this a go and see if I get on with it, shame it is not a WYSIWIG tool, but it seems to have some useful features.

September 1, 2007 · 1 min