Driving Test #1

February 24, 2009 – 17:16

Well as I have let the entire internet know via Twitter that I failed my driving test lets go through some analysis. But first a little bit of information about the Burges Hill driving test center two important things:

  1. The test center does have a toilet
  2. Don’t be tempted to touch the tap in the toilet it fell off when I used it

As for the test itself the results were as follows:

  • Dangerous – 0
  • Serious – 2
    1. about 5 minutes into the test I was approaching another car which I expected to stop and it didn’t I did not slow down enough to be able to safely park and the examiner had to use the brake.
    2. about half way through the test I thought it was a national speed limit (no driveways or side roads for a while and no lamp posts) so I was doing about 38 in a 30 zone.
  • Minor – 6
    1. Control -> Gears – don’t know what this was I probably went round a corner in 3rd gear.
    2. Use of Mirrors -> Change Speed – didn’t look in my rear view mirror when changing gear.
    3. User of Speed – As with the serious I probably went over 30 in a 30 zone.
    4. Progress -> Undue Hesitation – There was a right turn that had two vans parked on either side of the left turn restricting my vision.
    5. Junctions -> Observation – I didn’t check my mirror on the second part of a consecutive turn.
    6. Positioning -> Normal Driving – I probably moved a little too close to the kerb or central markings.

I knew I had failed within the first 5 minutes of the test, that didn’t make it any easier, it was very strange being in a car without Kev there – I have never driven anywhere without Kev. I am going to try and book another test for the Easter holidays after I have had a little more practice.

  1. 4 Responses to “Driving Test #1”

  2. Bad luck 🙁
    Still, all the best drivers pass second time round 😉
    I’m sure you’ll do fine next time with more practice 🙂

    By Haly on Feb 24, 2009

  3. Pah im sure nobody does most of that stuff in the real world! Its all just learning to pass a test. then when you have a full license thats when you learn to drive… or so i’ve been told

    By Daryl on Feb 24, 2009

  4. Thanks, get “back on the horse” next Thursday time to try and get back into the swing of things.

    By Richard Slater on Feb 27, 2009

  5. Sorry to hear you didn’t pass, I’m sure you’ll learn from the experience.

    By Driving Test Tips on Mar 4, 2009

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