Sorry to anyone who was expecting posts on Thursday and Friday time kind of caught up with me, my lessons since last Wednesday have been much better, I still made a few mistakes here and there. Drove under some pressure after one of the Pastors at my church decided to follow us along Church Street and finally left us going up The Upper Drive apparently I handled it well.

So tomorrow is my test thank you to everyone who has wished me luck and said they were praying for me. It is much appreciated, I will probably tweet as soon as it is reasonable as to my result, if I pass it will probably be sooner.

I am nervous, I have had butterflies in my stomach for a couple of days now however I am handling them reasonably well without too many physiological manifestations.

Part of the test incorporates one “show me” and one “tell me” question; these range from telling the examiner how to check the tire pressure to showing the examiner how you would check the indicator lights are working.

In the instance of the former the answer would involve getting the correct pressures from the owners manual, using a reliable pressure gauge, checking the tires when they are cold, check there are not cuts or bulges in the tire wall and ensuring the tire cap is replaced afterwords.

The latter would involve turning on the ignition operating the hazard warning lights then checking all six lights (on a Corsa they are two rear, two side and two front). There are 16 questions that they could ask, all of which are published on the DSA website.

Right now it is time to find something to occupy my mind for the next 10 hours or so that I don’t fret about the test.