I can only say that I am sorry, that is of course if anyone is still reading this, which I dont expect for a second. I have been mega stressed recently, from my past posts you can probably see that there has been a lot going on with my course. I have got some stuff sorted out, Dissertation is all but over and done with, I have got my project defered until the end of the summer (if the course office and Saeed can communicate clearly with me regarding which forms they want me to fill in). the rest of the work is moving at an acceptable yet not brisk pace.

The situation with my current house has gone from bad to worse, I have taken to locking my cupboard with a cable tie and lock, and locking my chilled stuff in the fridge inside a plastic box which seems to of worked, which at least restores my faith in humanity that they are not mean enough to break in to get my food.

Last night on the other hand, some person in the house decided to throw eggs at the wall and cupbards, covering a good portion of the ajoining wall to my room with egg, this on top of the soluale vitamin tablets that were being thrown arround last week, makes me think that certain people cant be bothered with looking after the house any more. I am so going to loose my damage deposit.