Grrr… argh… that didn’t go so well had massive problems with my feet today stalled on hill starts wanted to accelerate round corners, people beeping at me - if you are in the 0.01% of people that beep at learner drivers please try to remember it makes it worse! - Kev went through strategies for keeping moving on minor to major junctions.

I can’t think of a way to draw it as a picture but basically it is as follows:

  1. Coming up to a junction, whilst scanning - ask yourself “is it clear?” (this is in the “I can see no cars” and the “I can clearly see both oncoming traffic and traffic you are joining)
  2. If the answer is “no” - continue up to the “commit point” - that is the give way line - asking the same question.
  3. If the answer becomes “yes” check your speed and change gear as appropriate (<5mph = first, everything else = second).
  4. If the answer remains “no” when you reach the commit point, stop, put the handbrake on, change into first and be ready to move off when it is clear.

My brain is a bit “fuzzy” after that lesson, so as with everything don’t take it a good driving practice or anything similar - it is just what I taken away from what Kev has taught.

Next Lesson: Same time next week.