Finished my 14th driving lesson about an hour ago, we covered much of the same thing as previous lessons some driving on fast roads and town roads the some manoeuvre. Not much to be said really I felt more relaxed despite stalling more than in the previous lesson. My observations were more than a little lax in places, I completely forgot to check my blind spot while reversing round the corner.

Kev did get a chance to fill in my driver record, I now have:

  • 4x 5’s (Cockpit Checks, Safety Checks, Controls and Instruments and Signals)
  • 8x 4’s
  • 5x 3’s
  • 1x 2’s
  • 1x 1’s
  • 1x 0’s (Emergency Stops)

Pleased with my progress so far, need plenty more practice only got to wait till Monday for my next lesson, looking forward to it!