Today was not my best lesson so far, generally my driving was quite poor, I seem to have forgotten some fairly important things like using the hand break and putting the clutch down. I did change my driving position within the car as I was in quite a tense position which dosn’t give me the best view in the world, not sure if that affected it but it may have done. I am still having problems reversing round corners, despite spending some time today reading back my old notes I couldn’t really do it today either, it is a bit to analog for my digital brain. Kev had another way which might help, and was certainly a way of getting the job done.

  1. ratc Start reversing back, slightly further than you would do if you were making small incremental changes.
  2. Make one full turn of the wheel to the left.
  3. Wait until the kerb moves past the center line in the left mirror.
  4. Straighten up
  5. Wait until the kerb moves past the other side of the center line
  6. Repeat from 2 - 5 until round the corner

It is by no means the ideal way to get the job done, however it is passable and it might lead on to me being able to reverse round a corner without major problems. I hope to be able to get another 10 more lessons in before my test, which I can confirm is on the 24th February. Which is four weeks tomorrow, half term is before the test so that should give me some extra opportunity to practice.