Well as I have let the entire internet know via Twitter that I failed my driving test lets go through some analysis. But first a little bit of information about the Burges Hill driving test center two important things:

  1. The test center does have a toilet
  2. Don’t be tempted to touch the tap in the toilet it fell off when I used it

As for the test itself the results were as follows:

Dangerous - 0

Serious - 2

  1. about 5 minutes into the test I was approaching another car which I expected to stop and it didn’t I did not slow down enough to be able to safely park and the examiner had to use the brake.
  2. about half way through the test I thought it was a national speed limit (no driveways or side roads for a while and no lamp posts) so I was doing about 38 in a 30 zone.

Minor - 6

  1. Control -> Gears - don’t know what this was I probably went round a corner in 3rd gear.
  2. Use of Mirrors -> Change Speed - didn’t look in my rear view mirror when changing gear.
  3. User of Speed - As with the serious I probably went over 30 in a 30 zone.
  4. Progress -> Undue Hesitation - There was a right turn that had two vans parked on either side of the left turn restricting my vision.
  5. Junctions -> Observation - I didn’t check my mirror on the second part of a consecutive turn.
  6. Positioning -> Normal Driving - I probably moved a little too close to the kerb or central markings.

I knew I had failed within the first 5 minutes of the test, that didn’t make it any easier, it was very strange being in a car without Kev there - I have never driven anywhere without Kev. I am going to try and book another test for the Easter holidays after I have had a little more practice.