Had my first ever evening driving lesson this evening, Kev and I went to Seaford and back again over the course of the lesson, using some national speed limit single carriageways and some town driving.

Had a slightly hairy moment when I decided to change lanes while going round a roundabout, actually scratch the “slightly hairy”; it was down right dangerous. My mistake was; I had this image in my mind that if you are going straight on at a roundabout you go round the out side… what I had not got straight in my head was that if you are in the right hand lane stay in the right hand lane, all comes down to Mirror-Signal-Manovure.

I messed up turning round in the road and had to do it in four points rather than three, which was no big deal really it was slightly frustrating.

A huge upside was that I had not forgotten as much as I expected to, I spent some time revising from what I have posted up here – Really helped. So fellow learner drivers practice “stealth revision”:

  1. Do your lesson
  2. Write down what you learned
  3. Next day… read through what you wrote down, correct as required
  4. Day before your next lesson (or after a week which ever comes sooner) read through your write up again
  5. If possible read through it again just before your lesson to keep it in your head

Kev is more than happy to read through what I have written, and I am sure your ADI will be equally as happy. I check back on my notes when ever I have a free minute on the bus. It is stealth because it dosn’t feel like revision!